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Welcome to IPLAS, the Home of "Plastic Seminars", an internet company dedicated to cost-effective,  dissemination of knowledge for everyone interested in learning about plastics injection molding, processing, tooling, materials, equipment, troubleshooting, product design and machinery operation.

WHAT YOU GET! For each seminar, you receive a complete interactive CD package (or digital download if you prefer) containing the seminar study itself. This package also includes an interactive testing system to measure your retainment. For an additional s&h fee of $24.95 (upon successful test results) you will be sent a deluxe Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing!     NOTE: PDF format runs on any device, PC, or Apple.

These seminars are created by experts in the various fields of plastics and are developed for use in any training program. The Certificates of Completion that are provided can be used for ISO 9000 registration and are accepted by many companies as evidence that the student has attained a level of expertise that is higher than the average employee. Completion of this seminar can make the student more valuable to any company, and to him/herself.

Please click on any link below for information on the seminars now available. And, check back often as we will be adding more injection molding seminars as they are developed. Thank you for your support.

Digital downloads are available worldwide, but physical CD's and certificates are only available to the Continental U.S., Mexico, and Canada. - Click on any of the following titles for detailed descriptions.

Molding Machine Operator's Primer
A guide to provide understanding, and remove operator intimidation, when being asked to operate a molding machine.

Troubleshooting Injection Molding Defects 
Develop a troubleshooting concept and process to solve any common molding defect problem.

Fundamentals Of Injection Molding 
For anyone requiring a basic knowledge of the injection molding process, tooling, materials, and equipment.

Fundamentals Of Mold Design 
This course defines the basics of proper injection mold design to ensure building the best quality tooling at a reasonable cost. Includes Mold Construction section.

Fundamentals Of Product Design 
Learn the basic concepts and associated tasks for designing a plastic product that is both manufacturable and cost effective. Includes Material Selection section.

Understanding Thermoplastic Materials
Obtain a knowledge and understanding of how thermoplastic materials are made, their properties, and why they act the way they do. Some of this data is also included in the Product Design seminar.

Molding Plant Startup and Management (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)
Find out what it takes to either start up a new molding plant or manage an existing one. Packed with valuable information. (No tests in this seminar)

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